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Printer Development Board

Complete development board NLZYTP58DEVKIT for working with the single chip printer solution. Comes complete with RS232, TTL and USB connectivity.

Printer head support for:  ZLG ZTP486F-H101, Fujitsu FTP-628MCL101, SEIKO LPTZ245B/D/M...

Library source code, samples, documentation as well as Windows test application.

Use TKStudio ZLG free compiler IDE with many target compilers! 

open pdf brochure

product description

The MTP58-FTxx-T1 is a dedicated evaluation board
of the MTP58-FTxx Micro-Thermal printer control board.
MTP58-FTxx-T1 supports ZLG ZTP486F-H101
(compatible with Fujitsu FTP-628MCL101,
  SEIKO LPTZ245B/D/M and so on printer core).
Comes with USB, RS-232C interface and TTL level
UART interface.
The input voltage of it is 9~26V/3A DC.

LINUX/MAC/UNIX C library and print example available!


Development board data sheet

Printer controller chip data sheet

New Windows print utility

USB Driver for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

ESC POS Developer Guide

Windows Micro-Printer,  C Library Source (ARM, C51, Windows)

ARM Cortex-M0 C Printer Library Documentation

C51 C Printer Library Documentation

Windows C Printer Library Documentation