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Printer Controller Chip

ZYTP58-Fx6B, ZYTP58-Lx6B ARM based 32-bit printer controller chip with TTL UART or RS232 interface fully integrated 3.3V and 5V.  No need for controller boards.  Chip can be fully integrated into PCB design.  Comes complete with mature easy to port C library, test application and great documentation.  The chip is industrial standard and rated at -40C to +85C.  The chip supports many 58mm print heads.  Contact us for compatibility questions.  We have also ready interface boards for many common print heads. 

Printer head support for:  ZLG ZTP486F-H101, Fujitsu FTP-628MCL101, SEIKO LPTZ245B/D/M, special chip for Seiko LTPD245A.

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product description

Compatible with a large range of printer cores
Low consumption mode: 10μA only (TTL serial port)
Subminiature chip encapsulation for embedded applications, physical dimension:
Supports wide printing voltage range: 3.5~8.5V
Automatic printing speed (70mm/s maximum) based on voltage
Adjustable color density for different requirements
Double width,double height,emphasized,italic,inverse,border underline
Vertical table printing with a flexible and diverse form
One-dimensional bar codes:  EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE,
CODE39, ITF25, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128, EAN128 etc
Common ESC/POS control command
International character sets and code pages
Serial communication interface (RS-232C/TTL),RTS/CTS and Xon/Xoff

LINUX/MAC/UNIX C library and print example available!


Printer controller chip ZYTP58-Fx6B data sheet

Printer controller chip ZYTP58-Lx6B data sheet

New Windows print utility

USB Driver for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

ESC POS Developer Guide

Windows Micro-Printer,  C Library Source (ARM, C51, Windows)

ARM Cortex-M0 C Printer Library Documentation

C51 C Printer Library Documentation

Windows C Printer Library Documentation