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Thermal Print Heads

A complete series of top of the line print heads can be supplied.  Tried in millions of products during the last 10 years.

We have many models available. Please contact us with your requirements.

product description

ZTP486F-H101/L101 compatible FTP-628mcl101/103
ZTP481S compatible LTP1245
ZTP487F-H101 compatible FTP-628MCL701
ZTP486F-08401 compatible FTP-628MCL401

and many more.

LINUX/MAC/UNIX C library and print example available!


 Printer controller chip data sheet

USB Driver for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

ESC POS Developer Guide

Windows Micro-Printer,  C Library Source (ARM, C51, Windows)

ARM Cortex-M0 C Printer Library Documentation

C51 C Printer Library Documentation

Windows C Printer Library Documentation